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How To: Write your own Product or Service Script

State of Mind

Imagine you are talking to your best friend or a family member. In your own words explain as you would to them what you have, show them how it works and describe why they should get one. In doing this you eliminate the salesman rant and appear more sincere.


In your script you should follow a structure such as the following:
  1. Tell them what you’re going to tell them,
  2. Tell them,
  3. Tell them what you just told them.


Try to keep each feature of your product or service to a single sentence. This will make sure your video is not too long. Speak your script out loud to be sure it sounds natural and concise.

You don't necessarily have to go in depth but at least outline the main points you would like to cover. Remember this is video so sometimes it's easier to show than tell and vice versa. Be sure to note any visuals in point form so we don't miss anything.

Keep in mind your video needs to be as short as possible depending on the subject matter. For example a product video describing a new type of brick should really only be 30 seconds long but if say it is a new iPhone which has many features you might be looking at a 2 minute video. Be sure to time yourself when you read it out loud as nobody wants to sit through a long monotonous YouTube video.


A storyboard is a visual sequence of your video using still images so you can map out and get an idea of how it might look from shot to shot. You can simply do this by putting your script in point form into PowerPoint slides and add still images for visual reference.

Tip – you can do a Google image search to find the appropriate images, take some quick shots with a basic digital camera and/or draw your visual reference.

Pull out a stop watch and read through your script while allowing time for visual only shots. As a general note each shot usually should be held for at least 2-3 seconds so the view can take the image in. Remember for most people this will be their first time seeing your product.


Get the viewer excited in the first 10 seconds of your video.


No matter how you produce your video (what it finally looks like), hiring a professional narrator or voice over person makes the biggest impact to your audience. A dull voice can bring down even the most elegant visuals.


Be sure the presenter does not over-rehearse right before the film shot. Allow a day before we film to let the script sink in. This make sure the presenter speaks more natural rather than salesman like.


Humourous videos will help spread your company's awareness across social media and direct them to your website. Informative videos which detail your product or service in depth can make viewers more informed and more likely to commit to a sale. To get the most out of your videos you will need a combination of both.