Promote your company, event or product today and see the benefits tomorrow

When you’re marketing your products or services you want your information to be delivered fast and efficiently. Pages of text can bore and confuse people. If efficiency is what you are searching for, then product videos are perfect for you.

AV2U can come to you or you can come to our studio in Arndell Park. We will capture and professionally edit your video ready for the web, email or DVD.


A simple way to produce your product video is to have us come over to you. We'll set up some lights and equipment, then ask you what it is you do or how your product works. As we are new to your product or service we will ask all the relevant questions new clients would need to know. After our session, the captured video and audio will be taken back to our studio to edit and deliver your final video.


Alternatively you can write a script. This will ensure that all aspects of your service or product are included, as our crew will work from your script to produce your product video.

Scripting is very difficult and time consuming, however we have a help section which will show you how to easily write a script for your next video.

Video Blog

Also know as vlog, are a great way to showcase your company's personality. They also bring a human face to your company which customers can relate to.

Having a series of weekly or monthly vlogs can keep your costumers in the loop and excited for your products or services.